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Or are you the one who wants to chivvy everyone else along and who gets ratty when they fail to come up to scratch? Lucky colours are opal and sienna.

Cancer September 2019: They Choose You Cancer ❤

Lucky numbers are 7 and Good luck! Lucky colours are fawn and peach. Lucky numbers are 39 and As sweet Venus enters sexy Scorpio, remember to curb extravagance in your pursuit of pleasure. Artistic urges are stimulated and your creativity will reach a peak, so let it flow.

Children will be more responsive; make time for the young ones in your life. Speculation is favoured, but consult your partner before blowing the lot! Lucky colours are crimson and pearl.

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Lucky numbers are 5 and Give yourself a break today, preferably by relaxing and not doing very much. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Cancer Today

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Cancer Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9,

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  • Cancer Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9, !

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Cancer Daily Horoscope Prediction

Read all about Cancer Horoscope Brought into the world with the Moon in Cancer sign, you are probably going to have a natural need to tend or nurture, support and secure or protect. Cancer is a Water sign, thus, relates to the enthusiastic, mental and otherworldly components of the spiritual kind of life. Your sympathy for others is probably going to be strong, and you will have an instinctive ability to detect what others need.

Cancer is additionally a Cardinal sign, as is always worried about taking a strong step one way or another. You are probably going to feel a responsibility for other's expectations that will push you to make a move where others happiness is concerned.

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  5. This is an indication of emotional help and support; of deep connection with family, home, and Read More. Read about Other sign.