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Your unwavering values include personal morals and work ethic but also include your attitude towards your actual valuables and possessions. You assume your subjective truth is the only truth, and lose respect for people who don't line up with your thinking. Blocking out feedback from others and insisting on only doing things your way stunts personal growth and true intimacy in relationships—so try to open up! You can follow your intuition, but let others think, feel, and act how they want to without your usual silent, passive-aggressive judgement.

Just by observing and listening, you just might learn something! Being flexible with others and connecting by sharing ideas will make your friendships and partnerships more fun and valuable.

Your sign gets dragged a lot for being two-faced, and to be fair, you switch up your thoughts and opinions so much that you might as well be two different people! You just have such a short attention span and live so in-the-moment that your whole personality changes just based on whatever your current attitude and surroundings are. You network like a pro and have tons of acquaintances, but others have difficulty forming solid relationships with you because who you appear to be is so different every day.

You may be written off as superficial, especially because you're not the best at remembering plans or delving deeper into a conversation.

There's no denying that Virgos are the best and the internet has the memes to prove it.

You can build worthwhile connections by living for more than just the moment. Make plans and commit to them—or at least put it in your Google calendar so you can say you tried to remember!

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At the next party you go to, try to have a longer, one-on-one talk with someone without derailing the conversation with your side stories and jokes every two minutes, or needing to find a bigger group to entertain. Your empathy is through the roof too, and according to the book Spiritual Astrology , this is where your natural intuition and motherly instincts come from.

It's also where your famous crabbiness originates, too! When you insist on acting on your feelings all the time, you come off as moody.

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You moody bitches. You pesky ol' things astrology horoscope sunsign sun moon moonsign aries taurus gemini cancer leo virgo libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces dailyhoroscope instastrology astrologyfacts astrologymemes astrologyreadings retrograde space memes astrology zodiac. Your loving nature is one of your greatest assets, and your ability to take care of people is second-to-none, which is one of the reasons why your sign is so adored! Your sign is represented the Sun.

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Bright, fiery, and dazzling are all words that are often used to describe you! Your ego is the biggest in the zodiac, and is somehow the most fragile, too! Like the natural performer your sign is known to be, sometimes you play a different role and fabricate personality traits that you think are likable.

A healthy dose of realism and consideration boring, I know and letting others have their own moments to shine goes a long way. Being true to yourself and honoring your relationships only strengthens your bonds over time. At your worst, you come off as an obsessive perfectionist who annoyingly fixates on the tiniest details. Usually, you use this attention to detail to improve your workplace or the lives of those closest to you, even if it means skipping out on self-care. You insist on overextending yourself to make everything better—even if no one asked you to.

Whenever we enter a new astrological season we get a fresh batch of memes with it that prove which zodiac symbol rules the roost. Come 23 July, we saw a wave of Leo season memes taking over our timelines, while Gemini season memes saw the sign get unceremoniously dragged. The Sun enters Virgo on Friday 23 August so get ready for the new season to bring some organisational skills into your life. If you're an Earth sign Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus throw your hands up because it's you're time to thrive too. Virgos are critical perfectionists with a fierce eye for detail. Hard working and analytical, you can always rely on Virgos to get the job done.

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Sadly, at times that can be a curse too. Sometimes they never know when to stop judging, criticising and analysing — often directing it on themselves. Me on the first day of Leo season vs me on the first day of Virgo season pic. Weird how all the best people are born between August 23rd and September 22nd. Scorpio: I worship you and I've always worshipped you. I want me to make me yours. Plz take me to your swamp dad.

Aquarius: Shrek is in my room? Pisces: I luv you plz be my dad. Aries: feeling pulled in in multiple directions? Taurus: stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop. Gemini: you can quote nietzsche all you want. Cancer: love is lurking in a dark alley with a chain.

12 Memes Perfect for Kicking Off Virgo Season

Leo: drop it if it hurts. Virgo: money is a worry as usual. Libra: time to buckle down, baby. Scorpio: things are looking up but those things also might be facing the wrong way so idk what to tell you.

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